Students come from all over the world to study at Leiden University College The Hague for a Bachelor Liberal Arts and Science education that will prepare them to engage effectively and ethically with today’s global challenges. The students who take the 300-level Human Security: Poverty course are committed to starting this engagement in their new backyard.

While The Hague, The City of Peace and Justice, is a prosperous city, many of its residents struggle and people are hard at work to try and help them.

Our project aims to:

  1. Recognize struggle
  2. Empathize with struggle
  3. Reach-out to help with struggle

We are learning to recognize struggle in the city, such as addiction, homelessness, debt, intimate partner violence, asylum seeking, and ageing.

We are trying to relate to these struggles by creating simulations that bring us into these circumstances.

We are exploring what services and efforts are out there in our city to help those who are struggling.

We would like to share our learning with all of you. On this website you will find student-written posts on struggle, student-designed simulations, and the showcasing of protection efforts in our city.

For any questions on this project, please contact Caroline Archambault (