How Can We Approach Employment for the Homeless?

Author: Thum Yong Ze Aloysius

The challenges of the homeless are often cyclical, where it is both a cause and consequence of various social problems. To break the poverty cycle, it is essential to invest in long-term interventions such as upskilling or long-term vocational training. However, due to the significant poverty tax imposed on the poor and homeless, these investments are demanding and impractical … (read more)

How Is Homelessness Affecting Children’s Education?

Author: Aniek Moonen

When we think about homelessness, we tend to forget the children behind the adults. In the past ten years, the amount of homeless families in the Netherlands has exploded. For children living in these conditions, the performance in primary and/or secondary education is often severely impacted … (read more)

A Meal on Wheels: How Does the Kessler Soup Bus Feed the Homeless and Build Community?

Author: Aniek Moonen

Every day of the week, all year round, the Kessler Stichting parks its Soup Bus at one of two known locations in The Hague to provide warm evening meals for the homeless. The Kessler Stichting, founded to assist the vulnerable populations of The Hague, has committed itself to making sure no-one who already lost their home must also lose their food security … (read more)