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Follow Your Instinct: How Krav Maga den Haag Teaches Self-Defence

By: Natalia Sobrino-Saeb, Aileen Pohl, and Constance Northomb

Krav Maga den Haag is an organization that takes a holistic approach towards teaching self-defense. Not only do trainees learn traditional martial arts, they further have the possibility to learn about de-escalating potentially aggressive situations, communication and empowerment … (read more)

Frisse Gedachtes

By: Sofia Tamburello

The online platform “Frisse Gedachtes” is a Dutch psychological assistance provider. This service seeks to help (both international and Dutch) university students with dealing with some of the most common struggles they can encounter when attending university, among which loneliness. Its philosophy is based on three core features: choice, trained, anonymous … (read more)

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Humanity House

Update: As of 01-11-2020, Humanity House will be permanently closed. Aside from their exhibitions and projects, the Humanity House also offers workshops and programs for students and groups, in a mission to “embed world citizenship in Dutch education.” The three

A Meal on Wheels: How Does the Kessler Soup Bus Feed the Homeless and Build Community?

Author: Aniek Moonen

Every day of the week, all year round, the Kessler Stichting parks its Soup Bus at one of two known locations in The Hague to provide warm evening meals for the homeless. The Kessler Stichting, founded to assist the vulnerable populations of The Hague, has committed itself to making sure no-one who already lost their home must also lose their food security … (read more)

Image: De Waag

De Waag

Authors: Bahumi Mogwe-Jansen, Gemke Wijgergangs, Jennifer Pfister, Leila Alkhayat and Kaella Kolle

De Waag aims to contribute to a safer society by supporting their clients, who have been violent in the past or behaved in an unacceptable way, to change their behaviour. Through the prevention of criminal behaviour, the risk of intimate partner violence, domestic violence, aggressive behaviour or sexual behaviour decreases … (read more)