What Measures has the Healthy School Program taken to curb Alcohol Use among Adolescents?

Author: Cassandra Wagenaar

The Healthy school – or “Gezonde School” – program is a nationwide initiative that promotes healthy living education in schools. This includes a focus on prevention and control of alcohol through providing schools with guidance on how to format their educational framework … (read more)

Image: Freepik

How does Uncertainty around Asylum Status in the Netherlands contribute to Alcohol Abuse and Addiction?

Author: Cassandra Wagenaar

Asylum seekers often face increasing stress, as well as a feeling of losing control while waiting to receive a decision on their status. During this waiting period, they face the risk of falling into alcohol abuse and addiction in order to cope with their difficult situation … (read more)

How should Workplaces treat Employees who struggle with Addiction?

Author: Jonny Thompson

Hidden addiction hinders employees’ work performance and personal lives. Unfortunately, these problems often stay hidden until a crisis occurs. By reducing stigma, talking to and helping employees, companies could help these people overcome their addiction … (read more)