What Measures has the Healthy School Program taken to curb Alcohol Use among Adolescents?

Author: Cassandra Wagenaar

The Healthy school – or “Gezonde School” – program is a nationwide initiative that promotes healthy living education in schools. This includes a focus on prevention and control of alcohol through providing schools with guidance on how to format their educational framework … (read more)

What does the Netherlands’ Tolerance of Drug Use Mean for its Addiction Rates?

Author: Antonia Pieper

While the Netherlands may take a more practical approach towards the use of illicit drugs than many other countries, this does not mean that they do not take the wellbeing of their citizens, and the dangers and consequences of drug use seriously. In fact, perhaps because the Dutch treat the use of drugs as a health- rather than a moral issue, have they been able to keep the negative consequences to a relative minimum … (read more)

What is the Relation between Drug Use and Food Insecurity?

Author: Jonny Thompson

Drug usage and food insecurity can exacerbate each other. Problematic usage of drugs can lead to chaos, skewed priorities financial difficulties and a lack of regard for other needs. These things can exacerbate food insecurity, which in turn makes people more prone to turn towards problematic drug use … (read more)

How should Workplaces treat Employees who struggle with Addiction?

Author: Jonny Thompson

Hidden addiction hinders employees’ work performance and personal lives. Unfortunately, these problems often stay hidden until a crisis occurs. By reducing stigma, talking to and helping employees, companies could help these people overcome their addiction … (read more)