How does the Hague Measure Welfare and Disadvantage?

Author: Thomas Neville

The Hague remains one of the most socio-economically segregated cities in the Netherlands. In order to be able to identify the areas that require aid the most, the municipality of The Hague has adopted a system of scorekeeping which rates neighborhoods relative to one another: The so-called Achterstandsscores, or ‘Disadvantage Scores’ … (read more)

The Hagenees versus the Hagenaar: What does this Historical Division look like Nowadays?

Author: Student at LUC

Historically, a distinction was made between the affluent Hagenaar, living in the dunes, and the poor Hagenees, living on the peatland. Although it may come across as outdated, this dichotomy still seems alive today and demarcates the unemployed citizens of The Hague … (read more)