How does Street Insecurity impact Women’s Movement through the City?

By: Aileen Pohl

People can become victims of street harassment, crime and violence for a variety of reasons. Race, religion, age, size and disability – these are only some of the characteristics that can make someone stand out to an offender. And one of the characteristics with the greatest impact on people’s feelings of security in the city is gender … (read more)

Are Experts’ Suggestions for Sex Education Attainable for Schools in the Netherlands?

By: Rhianna Wesson

Sex education in the Netherlands is far from perfect. More focus on inclusion, diversity and cultural beliefs, as well as less dependence on teachers’ personal beliefs and more flexibility are just some suggestions regularly made by experts in the field. However, can these changes actually be implemented in real schools? … (read more)

How Is Language Influencing Dutch Perceptions of Status Holders?

Author: Kyra Dols

Objectification of status holders is harmful, yet widespread across Dutch news media. A growing body of outlets however, are countering this through translating the status holder as object into subject, which in turn positively impacts the public perception towards status holders … (read more)