Image: "Let's Connect" Team "Let's Connect" Team

Let’s Connect

By: Veerle Korsten, Kyra Dols, Stella Levin and Juul Koster

Hello, and welcome to The Hague!
In the board game “Let’s Connect,” players step into the shoes of newly-arrived status holders and try to complete The Hague’s integration track. Making acquaintances and friends, creating a social network, passing bureaucratic checkpoints: The player who completes these steps the quickest wins … (read more)

How Is Language Influencing Dutch Perceptions of Status Holders?

Author: Kyra Dols

Objectification of status holders is harmful, yet widespread across Dutch news media. A growing body of outlets however, are countering this through translating the status holder as object into subject, which in turn positively impacts the public perception towards status holders … (read more)