Image: "Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter" Team

Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter

By: Merel Kas and Thomas Neville

Unemployment is a struggle that can overpower anyone, at any time and any place. In fact, in The Hague there are currently over 38.000 people registered as unemployed, spanning across all socio-economic groups. Inspired by the iconic game of Snakes and Ladders, Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter highlights the differences in experiences of and perspectives related to unemployment in The Hague … (read more)

Image: "Debt Lifting" Team

Debt Lifting

By: Daan Dijksterhuis and Rachele Pesce

DEBT!!! Just seeing the word might have given you shivers. For many however, debt is not just a word read in passing; it is their reality. “Debt Lifting” is a card game that teaches you about the toll of debt through physical activity … (read more)

Image: "Let's Connect" Team "Let's Connect" Team

Let’s Connect

By: Veerle Korsten, Kyra Dols, Stella Levin and Juul Koster

Hello, and welcome to The Hague!
In the board game “Let’s Connect,” players step into the shoes of newly-arrived status holders and try to complete The Hague’s integration track. Making acquaintances and friends, creating a social network, passing bureaucratic checkpoints: The player who completes these steps the quickest wins … (read more)

Image: Isis Suarez Menendez

Silent Saboteur

By: Isis Suarez Menendez and Antonia Pieper

Triggers for addiction can wear many faces. By themselves, they may not seem particularly threatening, much less life-changing. When they start to build up on each other however, they quickly turn destructive. In “Silent Saboteur,” players are asked to slip into someone else’s shoes, immersing themselves in what it means to struggle with addiction and what the build-up towards addiction may look like … (read more)