Image: "Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter" Team

By: Merel Kas and Thomas Neville

Unemployment is a struggle that can overpower anyone, at any time and any place. In fact, in The Hague there are currently over 38.000 people registered as unemployed, spanning across all socio-economic groups. But while the struggle is not limited to any specific face or feature, it does affect different people in distinct ways.

Inspired by the iconic game of Snakes and Ladders, Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter highlights the differences in experiences of and perspectives related to unemployment in The Hague. Players step into the shoes of either upper-class, middle-class or working-class citizens as they navigate the ups and downs on the way to financial independence through gainful employment!

Play with up to five of your friends choosing from six characters as you avoid traps and chase lucky breaks to reach the top first. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages faced by your character as you catch lucky breaks by landing on ladder tiles or run into unexpected trouble by landing on snake tiles. And watch how quickly some players move up the board while others lag behind, reflecting the effects of economic and social privilege on job opportunities.


In Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter, each player tries to cross the board to reach the 100th tile first. This isn’t as easy as it sounds however: Depending on the role the player adopts for the duration of the game, they will encounter different obstacles and dangers; some more fair than others.

Pause the game when the first player reaches the top. This will give you time to reflect on who got furthest along the board and why.

  1. Find out what it means to be unemployed in different context.
  2. Learn about the structural barriers that prevent people from attaining and maintaining employment prospects.
  3. Discover how personal (dis)privileges arising from one’s background play a role in their lives and careers.
  4. Explore the various social protection providers acting on the struggle of unemployment in The Hague.

A detailed package for distribution is currently under development.

– Struggle in the City Team

Snakes and Ladders with Stakes that Matter

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