Image: "Sightseeing" Tour Team

A “Sightseeing” Tour

By: Johanna Spreckelsen, Delphine Duvieusart, Diego Garcia and Menno Verburg

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have to navigate your surroundings while visually impaired? This city walking tour tries to bring you one step closer towards this experience. Through simulations of two different types of partial blindness, it demonstrates the importance of better adapting our cities to the needs of disabled residents … (read more)

Finding Housing in a Digital World

By: Hyejin Kim, Jop Flameling, and Yihsuan Lee

For the elderly, finding suitable housing is a struggle, because of their deteriorating health conditions, limited budget, and unfamiliarity with the digital world, which has become the main medium of house searching. In this simulation, participants are asked to search for different types of information in their quest to find adequate housing. The housing website is not as straightforward as it may seem at first glance however, hiding unexpected obstacles and pitfalls. Are you as digitally literate as you think you are? (read more)

Carrying Home to Work

By: Lindah Muturi, Allison Markowski and Lisa de Pagter

Two out of every five people in the Netherlands have experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes. One in four women have experienced Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) within the last five years. While many cases of IPV take place at home, they have serious long-lasting psychological, emotional and physical effects on the victims. This simulation aims to increase understanding of some of the side effects IPV by placing participants in a job assessment center scenario … (read more)