How does starting University affect the Feeling of Loneliness?

By: Alice

There are many factors that may make a student’s first year of university particularly hard: Living by yourself, drifting apart from old friends, forming new friendships and unmet expectations. The beginning of university can feel like a test: Does the student succeed at coming of age and become an adult who lives on their own and creates their own community? Students who have difficulties adapting to their new environment may feel like they failed at doing so … (read more)

What Consequences does Sexual Harassment have for University Students?

By: Rhianna Wesson

Sexual harassment can have severe physical, mental, behavioral, academic, and financial implications on victims and perpetrators. The effects of sexual harassment can be both long- and short term. The negative consequences may spread throughout communities, affecting not only the victim themselves but their friends, family, colleagues, peers, neighbors and more as well … (read more)